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This Awesome Prowling Machine

I know basically nothing about who/what created the two edits linked below.

The artist and label are both given as “Wild Card” but the tracks are labeled as “J Lo” edits. A lot of them are good! Get you some here.

Here are my two favorites at the moment:

First up is a somewhat utilitarian edit of Kurtis Blow’s immortal The Breaks. Starting out with a solid disco groove, the track takes a while to build. A familiar sounding bassline enters after a while; some piano, some guitar. Finally after a short drum break, the track drops into one of the most well known call-and-response raps ever recorded. From there the track hangs on to its groove, while further stretching out the original.

Kurtis Blow – The Breaks (J Lo edit)

The other one I’m posting for sheer WTF value. Primus’ Tommy The Cat turned into a floor-friendly stomper? Unexpectedly, it kinda works. The edit strips the original of basically all the guitar pyrotechnics, but hangs on to the signature twitchy slap bass, the drums and the vocal. I have no idea under what circumstances one could play this out, but it’s worth hearing just to admire the craft that went into turning the original into dance music.

Primus – Tommy The Cat (J Lo edit)