Here We Go.


It is about time we got started, late as usual.

There was going to be a brief explanation of THE PLAN for Edit Club, but given the low chance of us sticking to what little we had in the way of planning, why bother?

We are some friends. We are going to make edits for ourselves, and for you, and post them when they are done. While we will probably lean heavily towards disco, there are no rules as to genre. Collaboration with each other is likely as well!

The ideal is one edit every month or so from each of our contributors, but the chances of everyone sticking to that the entire time are small. We’ll see how it goes.

But in the coming hours/days/lunar cycles, expect things from the likes of:

Only Children
OCD Automatic
Kid Color
Le Principle

And probably some other people that we know, like or stalk on the internet.

While you’re waiting on that stuff, enjoy this classic (read: old) edit done by the de-facto President of Edit Club, Todd Terje.

Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Todd Terje Edit)


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